My father arrested for intoxication and second DWI, he was facing deportation. We contacted Asma Bano Din and even though his case was in Houston she was able to help us. She explained to us the process in which my dad was going and how she was going to handle it. Everything happen in the order she said and she did exactly what she told us. My dad’s case was very unpredictable because we didn’t have much evidence to fight for his cancellation of removal. Asma was fighting a case that was very weak but she still did whatever she had in her hands to help us. On my dads last court day Asma show her professionalism but also her kind side as we waited for the judge decision. Thanks to Asma we won the case and his not going to be deported but she was also able to get him a green card. Asma has been a blessing to us all and we will never be able to thank her enough.